1 Kanal Houses For Sale in Lahore

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1 Kanal House for Sale in Lahore with Prices and Details

The demand for 1 kanal house in Lahore has been and all societies offer plots in this cutting to facilitate the needs of buyers and investors. Before you set yourself out to find a 1 kanal house for sale in Lahore, you need to know more about the pricing details, the best areas, and other aspects.

Before we begin discussing the details of 1 kanal houses for sale in Lahore, you need to be sure of what you are looking for, what your budget is, and if your family is large enough to move to this home. If you have a mediocre budget, finding a 1 kanal house in Lahore can be a gruesome task. Either you have to have a larger budget or you need to shift your house search towards a smaller size. Talking about houses of 1 kanal size in Lahore, you can find them in all the societies, even the older ones. The reason is that a high proportion of people in Lahore is landlord community that likes living in larger houses.

Types of 1 Kanal Houses in Lahore

You can come across different types of 1 kanal houses:

  • Spanish-style 1 kanal house for sale in Lahore
  • American-style 1 kanal house for sale in Lahore
  • Double storey 1 kanal house for sale in Lahore
  • Single storey 1 kanal house for sale in Lahore

Besides the above-mentioned houses for sale, there are some other types as well that you can easily find. The price of houses in these categories change based on multiple aspects including the location, area, type of house, and other amenities. These amenities include the location’s proximity to common areas such as markets, public points, educational institutes, and others.

The search trends suggest an increase in the demand for 1 kanal houses in Lahore in the last couple of years and as a result, the prices have gone up by a fair margin as well. These prices have increased in all the societies for plots and properties in this cutting. The new 1 kanal houses in Lahore have a higher price but you will find them as a dream home with everything as modern and classy as you would want. Some of the most common features you can come across are double kitchen, big car porch, lush green lawn, and spacious rooms. There are also some 1 kanal houses where there is a servant quarter at the back of the house. This gives an added feature to those who want to provide residence to their servants.

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