Signal Free Leh Expressway Project Approved by PM Pakistan

Rawalpindi: The approval for a signal free Leh Expressway project has been approved by the Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan Imran Khan. PM has also agreed for the construction of child and mother hospital facility in the district of Rawalpindi and has also sanctioned funds for it.

The PM of Pakistan will be inaugurating the Leh Expressway project by the end of March or at the start of April. This project is going to be managed on private-public-partnership. This public and private partnership model was decided by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is also suggested that the director of this project will be the Commissioner of Rawalpindi.

The Expressway would be 19-kilometer long, built on the banks of Nullah Leh. During this project, the sapling of 5,000 trees would also be ensured to make it a green area.

The Frontier Work Organization is going to construct the signal free Leh Expressway whereas the RDA is going to be their executive body. Sheikh Rasheed, Minister of Railways has informed the news sources that army’s engineering wing will be involved in this project and they will be designing an exclusive design for Leh Expressway.

Sheik Rasheed also added that the process of land-acquisition in this stance will be starting in a couple of weeks. He further mentioned that this project has been expanded now and it will now be connecting to Sawan Adda with I J Principal Road and the Peshawar Morr. With an increase of 8 kilometers of area, the government is now planning to construct a flood channel, commercial area and proper sewerage drainage system.

Minister of Railways has also mentioned that this expressway can be utilized by the motorists from different cities and those people who are traveling towards Islamabad International Airport.

Leh Expressway project is going to keep the city (Rawalpindi) safe from floods as well as it is going to fix the concerns of heavy traffic.