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No Rest for the Dead in Lahore, Tax to be imposed on Graves

Real Estate News
17 Jul 2019
No Rest for the Dead in Lahore, Tax to be imposed on Graves

No Rest for the Dead in Lahore, Tax to be imposed on Graves

Islamabad: After imposing heaps of taxes on the people, now the government is planning to impose taxes on graves and bringing the Shehr-e-Khamoshan all over the Lahore under the tax bracket as well.

As per the details received, the Lahore Metropolitan Corporation has lately sent a request to the Local Government department to approve a suggested tax on the graveyards that comes under its jurisdiction. It is said that the amount that is going to be collected through imposing a tax on graves will be used for the development of graveyards only.

Though the rent of a grave depends upon the locality it is located, but still, the average rate is PKR 10,000 for the rent of a grave and burial in Lahore. If the new recommendations are applied, a new tax of PKR 100 will be imposed on the grave of a child whereas PKR 1,500 to be imposed on the burial of adults.

Graves and burials are now becoming a part for the elite class of the country as the rents are way too high and the graveyards are less and the population is much higher in every city of Pakistan. Sometimes, people have to pay an extra amount under the table to get a spot in the graveyards. When the KMC’s (Karachi Metropolitan Corporation) budget was announced back in 2018, Mayor Waseem Akhtar promised the residents of Karachi city that they will be constructing two new graveyards in every district. But all in vain, the promised was compromised and there has never been any progress in this regard since then. Due to a lack of graveyards in Karachi, the rent for graves extents to PKR 100,000.

Along with imposing the taxes, the committee is going to fix the time for burials and Fateha Khawani at the grave. Now people will be able to visit the graveyards only from 8 am to 5 pm for burial as well as Fateha Khawani. The committee is also going to fix the length, depth, and breadth of the graves.

Recently in Lahore, a luxurious graveyard has been inaugurated where freezers are imported from Germany to keep the deceased in, instead of going to Mortuary. 22 video cameras are installed all over the graveyard so that the family of the deceased person can see the live burial ceremony from home.

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