Legal constraints keeping CDA from executing development projects

Islamabad: According to the news sources, the execution of public-private partnership projects of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) included in the Public Sector Development Programme-Plus is not possible for execution in the existing legal framework.

The federal government of Pakistan has announced a three-year development plan that is aimed to be completed with the investment of the private sector. There is a total of 53 mega projects that require an investment of PKR 2 trillion. The plan has been divided into two categories and referred to as PSDP Plus. In the first category, there are 29 projects in 11 sectors with no involvement of the government. The total investment required in this category is PKR 9 trillion, while the second category has 24 projects in 7 sectors with limited involvement of the government. This category requires an investment of PKR 2.3 trillion.

The government has highlighted that at least 6 projects are to be implemented under PSDP-Plus, which includes a 20-km long Havelian to Islamabad Tunnel, New Blue Area Project Islamabad, expansion of 28 km long Islamabad Expressway, 17 km long roads to join Margalla Avenue to N-5, waste to energy plant or waste to urea plant, and water treatment project.