DHA City Association Meets in Karachi to Discuss Future Development Plans

(July – 2019) DHA City Association held a press conference on the 24th of July at DHA Phase 2 where future development programs were discussed.

Representatives of ilaan.com were also present at this important occasion. The press conference had great importance for the DHA City Association as well as ilaan.com since it was specifically scheduled to discuss the issues that they were facing and also in providing them with the baseline that would ensure great success for them at the earliest in the future. Notable participants at this press conference happened to be the president Mr. Akeel Khan, Naseem Khan, Chodree Mahmood and Denial. In the context of ilaan.com, Miss Mahvash Khan, the head of Karachi office, led from the front. 

Later, all the participants were offered refreshments in good spirits and the press conference ended on a good note.