CEO ilaan.com Mian Omer Appeared on Corporate Lounge by Capital TV

Karachi: CEO ilaan.com Mian Omer appeared on Corporate Lounge – a talk show by Capital TV hosted by Dr. Shujaat Mubarik. Mian Omer is in Karachi these days and has been actively involved in meetings with professionals from KCCI and other institutions to highlight the issues faced by the real estate community. Through these meetings, Mian Omer wants the institutions to create a framework that can benefit the real estate because it is one of the most productive and rewarding sectors.

In this interview conducted by Capital TV, Mian Omer talked about issues related to the real estate sector, economical situation of Pakistan, technological advancements in the real estate, and more. He highlighted the role of technology in shaping up the future of this sector. “We have always listened that Pakistan is going through a rough patch but we have to stay positive and things will be better in the next few years as it is also evident from the steps taken by the government lately” Mian Omer said during the interview.

“Real estate has always been a productive sector and a lot of stakeholders including the state are dependent on it. It is in the good faith of the country to implement strategies and regulations that support the sector and produce better opportunities for everyone”, added Mian Omer.

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