Al-Khidmat Group Clean Sweeps in Johar Town Real Estate Association Elections 2019-20

Lahore: In the recently concluded elections of Johar Town Real Estate Association, Al-Khidmat Group has completed the clean sweep winning all the 11 seats by a fair margin. A number of realtors participated in the elections to take over the management. However, the results came out one-sided.

Team ilaan.com continuing on its mission to facilitate the real estate community provided coverage for the event with the core sales team ensuring presence throughout the election day. During the elections, Chairman Gujjar Pura Association Mian Naeem met ilaan.com team and talked about the real estate sector in detail through an interview.

Shahzaib Khan Manager Sales ilaan.com met all the groups and congratulated them on putting up a good competition. The real estate agents expressed their appreciation and acknowledgment for the work ilaan.com is doing in the real estate sector as a whole and during the elections as well. The highlights of the event will be available on our social media channels.

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