Team ilaan Attended DEFCLAREA Iftar Party – Creating Waves of Success in the City of Lights

13/06/2018 PR & Media

(Karachi – June 2, 2018) Team was cordially invited to an iftar party organized by DEFCLAREA (Defence & Clifton Association of Real Estate Agents) after a successful launch in the city of lights. The guests included some notable names of the real sector as well as President, General Secretaries, and Secretaries of DEFCLAREA. - On it's way to create a wave of change in Karachi’s real estate market!

08/06/2018 PR & Media

(Karachi – June 2018) on Friday organized a Meet & Greet Session in Karachi with realtors dealing in Karachi real estate to announce its grand launch in the city of lights.

ilaan Ramadan Fest – Sharing Happiness in the True Spirits of this Holy Month

01/06/2018 PR & Media

(Lahore – May 2018), a premium property portal, organized a two-day ‘Ramadan fest’ in Amanah Mall on 25th and 26th May and welcomed a charged-up audience of Lahore for a fun-filled event that will be remembered for a long time. All Set to Cement Its Place in Karachi

18/05/2018 PR & Media

(May 2018), a premium property portal, has taken a significant step towards launching into the Karachi market. Meet & Greet – Building Relationships to Form a Real Estate Community

27/04/2018 PR & Media

(Lahore – April 2018) Consumer & Market Trends continue to drive the real estate world and it is necessary to get familiar with them in order to flourish in this rapidly transforming industry., Open House Session 4 – Traditional Real Estate Marketing is Old Story, Digital Marketing is Need of the Hour!

06/04/2018 PR & Media

In 2012, The National Association of Realtors and Google conducted a collaborative study and came up with a report titled "Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate" to get a thorough understanding of the growing role of digital media in the end-user home search experience.

Bloggers Meetup by – Creating New Opportunities for Growth in the Real Estate Sector

01/02/2018 PR & Media

A large number of bloggers and social influencers attended the event to know what role is playing for the betterment of this sector.

Open House Session by – Helping Real Estate Agencies Go Digital

23/01/2018 PR & Media

(Lahore – January 18, 2018) On Thursday, organized an open house session particularly for the real estate agents of Lahore to introduce them to the premium real-estate portal in Pakistan.

Bloggers Meetup to be hosted by - January 27 2018

09/01/2018 PR & Media

With rising levels of participation and public concern about challenges in real estate sector, is hosting an event on January 27 2018 'Bloggers Meetup' that will serve as a powerful means of networking.