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DHA Lahore Area Description

Defence Housing Authority is a nationally acclaimed housing society where life meets modernization. On, you can find houses for rent in DHA Lahore. But why rent a house in DHA Lahore? The answer lies in the values and aims of society and management. The society aims to provide people of Pakistan an opportunity to live the innovative models of modern living. Administered by the Pakistan Army, this housing scheme is ideal for a number of reasons. Each phase has its own attractions that capture the attention of genuine buyers and investors alike. Itis divided into various phases, from phase 1 to phase 8 and into different blocks. Among other blocks, Y block and H block are known for its commercial attractions with famous brands and restaurants brought inside the society for its residents.

House For Rent In DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore can be called the game-changer for the city as it has given its residents an epitome of the residential community. Prior to DHA Lahore, there were very few such high profile residential societies available that provided their residents, not just a secure way of living but it has also provided a family-oriented environment, hence you can add up for the demand for a house for rent in DHA Lahore.

The society has a lot of phases that starts from Phase 1 and now it has been extended to DHA Rahbar or Phase XI. The phases from 1 to 4 are developed completely and in fact, they are in possession of their house owners. DHA Phase 5 has been going under some construction and it has also been given the M Extension due to the number of people who want to have a house for rent in DHA Lahore.

DHA Phase 6 is underdeveloped and there has been some construction going on. Many people want a house for rent in DHA Lahore Phase 6 as it is very well planned. The underground wiring to the large filtration plants provided in the phase has everything sorted. If you look at the facilities then all the Phases of DHA Lahore have equally distributed, however, Phase 6 has more enhanced plans for the facilities provided by the developers. Phase 6 also has the biggest office of DHA present, so if you are having any trouble in the society and want to report it to the authorities, you can v0065ry well do so by going to the DHA office which is just a 5 minutes distance from the block. However, if you find a house for rent in DHA Lahore Phase 6 in any of the Blocks from A to E then it will be a one minute drive to the DHA office.

DHA House For Rent Lahore

DHA Phase 6 isn’t just great for residential houses but it is a great investment too. If you purchase a house in for rent DHA Lahore and then make it available as a house for rent in DHA Lahore, then you would be able to make good money on it. The value of the land is expected to top one crore in the next year to come. People who have bought properties in DHA Phase 6 are enjoying it as an appreciation of money and they would be getting double what they have initially invested.

If you have a low budget then you can get plots of 5 Marla in the Blocks M, N and E which are much cheaper as compared to the other blocks that have a significantly high value. The blocks B, H and J are considered to be expensive, but then again if you buy a plot and then make it available as a house for rent in DHA Lahore, you would get even higher rent on it since the property rate is higher as compared to the other blocks, the rent will be higher too.

DHA Lahore has very wide roads that would not only save you from the hustle and bustle of the busy city but it would also provide you with a nice driving experience. Not just the main roads, but the lanes are bigger too. The housing society has been built with the aim to provide you with a grand and luxurious look while it has all the amenities and the features that would add to the high standard living and the peace of mind you would want to provide to your family.

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