Bahria Town Lahore Area Description

Bahria Town is one of the most exclusive and exquisite housing schemes Pakistan has ever seen before. Due to its incredible infrastructure and sleek designs, every project of Bahria Town across the country is renowned. Currently, Bahria Town has its housing projects in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Nawabshah. The project of Lahore is an amazing housing society having access to splendid places and spots that have importance in history. You can find a Grand Mosque, Model of Eiffel Tower, Green Valley, Mall of Lahore and of course Ahram-e-Misar. Today, you can get ravishing houses, implausible apartments, and improbable plots in Bahria Town Lahore in affordable rates as per your budget.

The housing project is made inside a gated society, well protected by armed guards. Every sector and every lane is guarded by security personnel who are high alert and attentive to every detail. No one is allowed to enter the premises without proving their identity. There are six sectors in Bahria Town Lahore from Sector A to Sector F. There is Awami Villa too that is for low-cost houses, whereas, Bahria Orchids is solely for elite class families and have high elevated houses and apartments. There are numerous plots for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore in every sector.

There is no doubt that Bahria Town Lahore is a beautiful housing society amidst lush green vegetation. There are superbly green and beautiful trees and shrubs everywhere. You can witness scenic views and mesmerizing landscapes at Bahria Town Lahore. All the plots in Bahria Town Lahore are near-natural setting and green vegetation. From the entrance of Bahria Town till the end, you can witness splendid natural beauty covered with green trees and bushes. Every morning you can hear birds chirping with joy and flying in the spacious and airy environment with freedom.

The prices are different in Bahria Town Lahore. There are several plots in Bahria Town Lahore that are up for sale. The price range starts from PKR 60 lacs and ranges up to PKR 2 crores, depending upon the land size you are choosing as an investor. If you are looking for a plot that you can get on rent, then the price range is in between PKR 55,000 to PKR 200,000 per month depending upon the size of the land you picked to rent on. The available sizes of the land are marla, kanal, acreage, square feet, and square yard. The prices for the plot for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore are different according to the vicinity it is located i.e. the sector where it is located. A sector that offers affordable plots for sale may cost you around PKR 60 lacs for a 6 marla plot. Whereas if the same size plot is located in a sector that has higher property value may cost around PKR 1.1 crore for the same 6 marla plot. On the same hand, a sector that has affordable properties can have a plot for rent on PKR 55,000 per month for 6 marla. Just like this, the 6 marla plot for rent in a high-value area may cost around PKR 90,000 per month.

The amenities and facilities being offered for plots in Bahria Town Lahore are same for every sector irrespective it is up for sale or available for rent. All the available plots have quick access to the main road and the commercial area. The streets and roads in front of the plots are paved and well maintained. The plots are nearer to public parks so that the residents can easily enjoy some relaxing time with their kids. There are swings too for the kids so that they can enjoy every moment of their time spent in the park. For adults, there are mosques that are located near so that the residents can easily pray five times a day with ease and in a hassle-free manner.

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