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Bahria Town Lahore Area Description

When we are talking about the real estate sector of Pakistan, several mega housing projects have made the real estate industry proud. Among some incredible names, Bahria Town is a shining glowing star. Bahria Town is a complete housing society comprising of state-of-the-art designs, ravishing infrastructures, and modified structures. Currently, Bahria Town housing scheme is present in many cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Nawabshah. In all these cities, Bahria Town has set high standards while upgrading the lifestyles of the residents. Among these megaprojects, Bahria Town Lahore is one of the most preeminent and lavishing housing scheme, as Lahore city is a historical city that has oldest infrastructural designs dating even before partition, from the times of Mughal era. The project from Bahria Town is the revival of the latest infrastructural designs in this city. Today, you can find houses, plots, farmhouses, and apartments in Bahria Town Lahore.

Bahria Town is a pioneer of introducing a gated society which is guarded by a fleet of security personnel. Not only all the entrance gates of this housing society are well guarded, but at every sector or block, you can see a security guard patrolling the area and keeping a close eye on any moment that may lead to the problem to any of the resident. The guards are either patrolling while sitting in a car or by walking and never allow anyone to enter the premises without proving their identity. People who are not living in Bahria Town are also allowed to visit the housing scheme but they also have to carry their original CNIC with them to prove their identity. The area is well guarded that any law and order situation of the city can never affect any of the resident living inside the society. In Bahria Town Lahore, all the residential plots and houses have CCTV camera monitoring, as well as all the flats in Bahria Town Lahore are well guarded so that no mishap can destroy the peace of the residents.

The amazing project of Bahria Town Lahore is built in an area that is not just beautiful but also a piece of paradise complimenting the natural setting of beauty. From the main entrance to the housing scheme till the very end, you can see rows of green trees and shrubs providing shade as well as adding scenic beauty to the scene. Along with natural vegetation, you can see incredible views and mesmerizing landscapes, all making this housing scheme heaven to live in.

If as an investor you are interested in investing in apartments at Bahria Town Lahore, then this is the prime time to invest as the real estate value is always rising and the prices at Bahria Town are also expected to hike soon. There are several flats in Bahria Town Lahore that are available in different sectors. Currently, you can find six sectors starting from Sector A to Sector F, all having several flat for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore. All these flats are made on different sizes of land i.e. either on kanal or marla or acreage or square feet or square yard. Talking about the price range, if you are looking to purchase an apartment than the price will range to PKR 48 lacs to PKR 6 crores, definitely depending upon the size of the land it is made on. On the other hand, if you are planning to move to Bahria Town Lahore as a tenant and searching for flats on rent then the price can be in between PKR 16,000 to PKR 40,000 per month as per the land size.

Apartment for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore offers same amenities and facilities to its residents. Irrespective of the fact which sector you are living or either the flat is up for sale or rent, the facilities are the same everywhere. The amenities include the provision of electricity, gas and water 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The wiring of every electric work is done precisely and underground to avoid any mishap. The overall construction of the apartments is brilliant, without any compromise at all. All the apartments in Bahria Town Lahore are near to the main road and commercial area. Outside the flats, you can see well maintained and paved roads and streets lighted properly with modern street lights. All the flat for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore are located near to mosques so that all the residents residing in those flats can easily pray five times a day without going far. There are several parks too in the vicinity, offering luxurious natural setting and swings for kids, allowing everyone to unwind themselves from hectic days and enjoying with a full heart. All the apartment for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore have a spacious and airy balcony so that the residents can enjoy the outside view with ease.

There is no doubt that Bahria Town project in Lahore is splendid and living in such a secured society can be a dream of many people in Pakistan. So if you are looking for proper assistance regarding flats in Bahria Town Lahore, you can contact any representative at ilaan.com and get exclusive guidance. Either you are looking for an apartment for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore, we ensure honest guidance in every sector. We recommend to all of our clients to compare prices of all the apartments in Bahria Town Lahore available in every sector of Bahria Town and then make the final decision. At ilaan.com we provide up-to-date information on the availability of any flat for sale or rent in Bahria Town Lahore and help in exclusive dealings with the developers and landlords.

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