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Living in Lahore city has always some special perks such as access to historical places and cultural enriched locations. But the infrastructural design of the city is outdated and belongs to the oldest times of the history. To revive the structural value of the city, Abdalina Cooperative Housing Society was established last decade to offer premium housing facilities to the people of Lahore, offering a luxurious and elevated lifestyle. Today, society has high rise buildings, state-of-the-art designs, and modern art. There is no doubt that the real estate in Abdalian Cooperative Housing Society Lahore offers exceptional living choices to those who desire to live in high living standard places but at affordable rates.

Abdalian Cooperative Housing Society is developed by Alumni of Cadet College Hassan Abdaal who ensured peaceful and comfortable residential space for the people of Lahore city. The society is located at the prime location in the Lahore city in Iqbal Tehsil, Johar Town that is too close to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center. Property in Abdalian Cooperative Housing Society Lahore is divided into three blocks i.e. block A, B and C. The Block A and Block B are considered as one of the most executive areas of the society that offers bigger houses to live. You can find 12marla house to 1 and 2 kanal houses in Blocks A and B with ease. Whereas Block C simply features smaller houses for the residential purpose such as it offers 5 to 10 marla houses. Therefore Block C is considered as a more affordable and pocket-friendly area as compared to Block A and B that have bigger houses.

Property in Abdalian Cooperative Housing Society Lahore offers a wide range of land size residential plots and houses to the investors. There are 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 marla houses or plots along with 1 and 2 kanal houses or plots too. If you are looking for a 5 marla house than the price range for it would be PKR 80 lacs to PKR 1.4 crore, whereas, a 5 marla plot will cost around PKR 40,000 to PKR 70,000. The 7 marla house will come at the minimum price of PKR 90 lacs and a maximum price of PKR 1.58 crore, on the other hand, a 7 marla plot will cost around PKR 60,000 to PKR 85,000. The 10 marla house will be costing in between PKR 1.05 crore to PKR 1.72 crore and the plot of 10 marla will start from PKR 80,000 to PKR 100,000 only. The 12 marla house will cost around PKR 1.50 crore to PKR 2.05 crore only and the plot of 12 marla starts from PKR 110,000 and range to PKR 150,000 only. The 15 marla house will cost something in between PKR 1.85 crore to PKR 2.50 crore and the plot of 15 marla price will start from PKR 190,000 to PKR 250,000 only.

The real estate in Abdalian Cooperative Housing Society Lahore has a great impact on the overall value of the residential housing scheme. The 1 kanal house will cost an investor around PKR 2.80 crore to PKR 4 crore and the plot for 1 kanal will cost around 2.8 lac to 3.2 lac only. The 2 kanal house will cost around PKR 3.5 crore to PKR 5 crore only, whereas, the 2 kanal plot will cost just PKR 3 lac to PKR 4.8 lac. Property for sale or rent in Abdalian Cooperative Housing Society Lahore is perfect for rental space too, where 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 marla houses will rent around PKR 25,000 per month to PKR 35,000 per month, PKR 40,000 per month to PKR 55,000 per month, PKR 70,000 per month to PKR 90,000 per month, PKR 100,000 per month to PKR 115,000 per month and PKR 125,000 per month to PKR 160,000 per month respectively. The 1 and 2 kanal houses will come in PKR 180,000 rent per month to PKR 240,000 rent per month and PKR 255,000 rent per month to PKR 300,000 rent per month respectively.

The luxurious facilities the society offers are parks for children, jogging tracks, carpeted and paved roads with solar-powered street lights, educational institutions, healthcare facilities such as pharmacy, hospitals and dispensaries, post office as well as banks. Real estate in Abdalian Cooperative Housing Society Lahore offers a phenomenal chance of investment due to its affordable prices and rates. The society ensures running water, proper gas and 24-hour electricity to the residents. All the houses have a terrace and balcony where you can easily enjoy the evening time watching the natural vegetation and scenic views. In front of every house, there are spaces that are allowing the residents to park their vehicle with ease and convenience. All the houses, as well as the plots, are located near the main road and with easy access to the commercial area of the housing society.

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